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Free hacking tutorials to help anyone who is new to this.
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Video / Flash Tutorials:
Tutorial 1: Ollydbg Tutorial

How to use ollydbg to patch exe files

Tutorial 2: More Ollydbg Tutorials

A collection on how to use ollydbg to crack keygens without any patching, complicated

Text Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Challenge Help

A little help in the right direction for all of this sites hacking challenges Updated!

Tutorial 2: Remote File Inclusion

How to run a web shell on another site, giving you full control

Tutorial 3: SQL Injections

The basics of trying SQL Injections on sites

Tutorial 4: Stealing Media

Steal any media embedded in flash or webpages

Tutorial 5: WGA Bypass

The best way to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage notifications, without deleting essential files

Tutorial 6: JavaScript Hacking

The basics of hacking with JavaScript

Tutorial 7: JavaScript Injection

Helpful tutorial on JavaScript injections. may help on this sites challenges

Tutorial 8: Cookies

Information about cookies and PHP session cookies

Tutorial 9: Firefox

A description of firefox, add-ons and boosting its speed

Tutorial 10: Exploits / Buffer Overflows

A description of how and why many exploits work. Also covers shell and machine code.

Tutorial 11: The Null Byte

A brief but descriptive tutorial on the null byte and how it can be used in hacking

Tutorial 12: PHP Globals

A descriptive look at PHP globals

Tutorial 13: Brainfuck!

A look at the complicated language made to challenge programmers know as "brainfuck"

Tutorial 14: Phishing

What phishing is and how to create a successful phishing page

Tutorial 15: Encryption Methods

Some popular encryption methods and information on how to decrypt them

Tutorial 16: Assembly Language

A tutorial to get you started on programming in assembly language - a low level code that's great for coding exploits in

Tutorial 17: Steganography

[request] What steganography is and some of the methods used for hiding messages using this method

Tutorial 18: Ultimate SQL Injection Tutorial

A much more advanced tutorial on SQL by bako. Covers a lot more than the previous tutorial above.

Tutorial 19: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

How XSS works and how to try XSS attacks yourself.

Tutorial 20: John The Ripper

How to use John The Ripper in standard mode.

Tutorial 21: Further SQL Help

More help on performing SQL injections, user contributed

Tutorial 22: Cookie Stealer

How to build a basic php cookie stealer so you can steal login information

Tutorial 23: Telnet SMTP

How to send email from the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) of a website using telnet.

Tutorial 24: Assembly Code

The basics of assembly language. Covers more than the previous tutorial.

Tutorial 25: Avoiding Vulerabilities

How to avoid various vulnerabilities in PHP code by sanitizing.

To Request a tutorial on any subject, use contact.php

Tutorials off other sites:

Access Driver Tutorial

How to use access driver to break into .htpasswd logins (most commonly used by XXX logins)

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tommy9 check my post on the forums
Thanks admin,I solved it.
Merry Christmas all
tres bon site rankk challenges thefinder

Bonus 11 finally fixed to work with our new hosting setup, good luck!
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