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How to use John The Ripper

JTR is a very useful and fast password cracking program. It is the favourite among hackers for cracking .htpasswd (DES) encrypted passwords and now can handle other encryptions such as LM and MD5. This is a very useful tool to have and is completely free too. This quick tutorial just shows you how to install and run it in standard mode.

Starting JTR:

This assumes that you are using Windows XP, however it is available for mac and linux operating systems. You can use terminal and the commands are usually the same:

First of all download it

here and extract it to your C drive (C:\john1701) If you are using a newer version since the article has been written, just change the commands below to fit the new version name.

Click start → run → and type cmd you should now have a black window on your screen. Keep typing:

cd ..

To go back directories until you are at your C drive. Then type:

cd john1701\run

And you should be in the folder containing JTR. Test this by typing:


You will now be greeted with the JTR welcome screen which will look similar to this:

John The Ripper

Ok, time to test it out. Get your encrypted file (if you don't have one, use this example: thisislegal:cGPV5pzv1OdLQ ) and create a new file in the run folder called pass.txt and copy and paste your password string into the text file. Now, to run JTR in default mode all you have to do is type:

john-mmx pass.txt

And it should begin cracking the hash. You can hold space or any other key down to check its progress. Passwords 1-5 characters in length can be cracked in seconds. 6-7 can take around an hour depending on the password and longer than 7 can take a few days to crack. This tutorial is only going to cover cracking password in the default mode. Another good option though is the -wordlist option which allows you to try cracking the password using a wordlist. Just type john-mmx in cmd again and look at all the available options.

When cracked, the password will be displayed on screen and john will exit. This screenshot below shows when JTR cracks the example password above:

John The Ripper 2

And that concludes this short tutorial. JTR is a very easy to use program once you know how.

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Tutorial By t0mmy9



it work on anything . instead of typing what it says up there , type in john pass.txt

I cant get the john-mmx pass.txt to work, any advice please?


dos it run on win7?

This was a very quick tutorial i made for a request. Hope you can use it now

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