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Username: mihi
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Challenges Completed:
 Basic Challenges: Status:
  #1. Find the password in the page. Completed
  #2. Break a JavaScript protected page. Completed
  #3. You are given a file called c99.txt, use it to break into a site. Not Completed
  #4. Manipulate the cookies to gain access to a protected site. Completed
  #5. Trick the email form into sending you the password. Completed
  #6. Find secret pages site crawlers can't. Completed
  #7. Hack a FrontPage uploaded site. Not Completed
  #8. Crack a simple App. Not Completed
  #9. Break this encryption. Completed
  #10. Get past a flash login. Not Completed
 Bonus Challenges: Status:
  #1. Another JavaScript login to get past. Not Completed
  #2. Just enter the password into the password box! Not Completed
  #3. Simple browser manipulation. Not Completed
  #4. Find the hidden password. Not Completed
  #5. Find the password hidden in an image. Not Completed
  #6. Find the password in this tricky encrypted JavaScript form. Not Completed
  #7. Crack a simple App. Not Completed
  #8. Get the password using common sense. Not Completed
  #9. Break a simple custom encryption. Not Completed
  #10. You are given a dumped file. Get the password from this using any method. Not Completed
  #11. Make an email appear to be from an email address that it really isn't. Not Completed
 Realistic Challenges: Status:
  #1. Get some software for a lot cheaper than you should. Completed
  #2. Stop those evil egitologists! Not Completed
  #3. Show your school's web admin how important security is. Not Completed
  #4. Show a security site they're not so impressive. Not Completed
  #5. Have a look around a new hardware site. Not Completed
 Application Challenges: Status:
  #1. Find out what/where the App is looking for. Not Completed
  #2. Just press the button! Not Completed
  #3. Find where the application is looking. Not Completed
  #4. Crack a DOS App. Not Completed
 Programming Challenges: Status:
  #1. Write a program to beat a constantly changing code. Not Completed
 SQL Challenges: Status:
  #1. Bypass the login box by logging in as the administrator. Completed
  #2. More security has been added to the login. However it isn't secure yet. Not Completed
 Encryption Challenges: Status:
  #1. Break 3 popular encryption methods. Not Completed
  #2. Break another famous encryption using the know method. Not Completed
  #3. A very basic cipher, custom encryption. Not Completed
  #4. Another very basic cipher, custom encryption. Not Completed
  #5. You are given another key. Use this to break another custom encryption. Not Completed
  #6. You are given a broken encryption. Repair it and get the password. Not Completed
 User Challenges: Status:
  #1. Beat a Tricky JavaScript. Not Completed
  #2. Find the password hidden in a paragraph. Not Completed
  #3. Get the password from an image using any method. Not Completed
% Completed (8/42): 
Scored:  65

Online (last 15 mins): DillonShaw

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phe0nix: can you access the site using the Tor browser? As it is, the web site is accessible from the U.S.
Followed, one of the links below., always shows connection refused, can anyone comment why?
Fardinansari h:
How to find password challenge 1 im new
anybody help me in javascript challenge no 7
All by myself don't wanna be all by myself :(
Hello People I am Mr Feesh it is nice to greet you...
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