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#1 2014-09-30 03:05:19

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Looking for data in function

Hi all, very very new but I do have some knowledge as to programming.  What I need help on is the following. There is a site that passes a code to another site thru php. I can curl the first site and extract the first part that is passed but the second part is based on information fed into a function. The return of the function is put with the first part of the data and passed to the site via php. If interested in helping please pm and I will provide details.


#2 2014-10-02 11:46:47

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Re: Looking for data in function

If you you use curl, wget, etc. you are not getting the actual PHP source code, just the HTML that the PHP script presents to you. Sure, there are exceptions, such as a web server not executing a PHP script and just displays it, but not likely.


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