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#1 2014-10-07 10:03:53

Registered: 2014-10-07
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Can't reinstall trial software

During installation I get asked for product key OR simply enter "TRIAL" to get free 30 days of full program.

I deleted the program just before trial ended, then after several weeks decided to try it again, but by that time trial ran out. When I entered "TRIAL" again into product key field of the installation wizard I got a message box saying that the trial can only be used once and that I had to now provide a real product key.

Where would such a program keep a record of whether the program was installed before and if the trial was already used up?

I checked the registry and wiped everything that had the name of the program or name of the company who made the program. I also assume that setup.exe can't simply recompile itself with some kind of flag set that would indicate that it was already used to install a trial program. I tried Olly the setup.exe file but at one point just before the installation loads everything and can launch the wizard - Olly doesn't let me step in/step over anymore and none of the virtual addresses are highlighted. As if Olly just stopped debugging.


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