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#1 2018-12-09 19:04:29

Registered: 2018-12-09
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Application challenge 4

Hi all I'm a bit lost with this chall, i have cracked the dos app "i guess", getting two working passwords, (only numbers), and got the message "Great job ..."

The weird thinhg is that: if the password is XXXX, i can use XXXXABC or XXXXeee and it works as well, all the characters after XXXX are accepted ...
I got the variable g as well, getting the web form message "You are going in the right direction" ..

I don't know if i solved the chall, or even cracked the app, should i combine the two password in a special way ?

Many thanks


#2 2019-10-15 05:57:57

Registered: 2019-10-14
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Re: Application challenge 4

We know the strengths and weaknesses of such a system: it is the way to consume resources and thus limit inflation too galloping in the game market, besides generating a strong sense of affection to its gear( the more people succeed in making it advancement, the more the object gets private ); but it's also a frustrating mechanism (when the thing we have lost is gaining power) and a few developers tend to monetize these mechanics to encourage players to invest from the gaming store to restrict the risk of regression. 'an object - here, we ignore this shop Astellia's content and also the developer promises to steer clear of any type of mechanics that are pay-to-win. We will estimate on piece.

Along with the progression of the item, the equipment may be improved through runes to give it additional abilities. In Astellia, each item has five slots which can each accommodate another rune: some things can be updated with offensive runes (weapons, rings and earrings ), other people with defensive runes (breastplates, necklaces and bracelets). For instance, each rune may include, as an example opportunity to spell energy that is hit or boost, or boost the level of dodge, health or mana, or energy.

The Astellia progression process is intended to be rich (the equipment could be improved in several distinct ways) and notably enough diversified to permit gamers to produce the equipment that best fits their playing style. Likely to establish if this development will pass just by the sport itself, or if the programmer also intends to market it.The crafting system of Astellia should play an significant part in the game. Though not every participant needs to reach for the hammer, but at the latest in the auction house everyone should benefit from the system. The programmers gave us regarding crafting info.

How is the craftings system structured? Astellia provides players eight distinct crafting professions and five additional collective professions.A single character can simultaneously learn and carry out every craft, but just access one collective profession. Other substances must be purchased via the auction house. You become better in your professions and will produce higher quality things the longer you exercise them.The professions in Astellia should be used to equip the characters. The programmers have already revealed the first details of this Endgame armor.Where can I get the equipment? Even as a reward for low or quests dungeons should be as a player get gear.

Check out for more details.


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