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Welcome to ThisisLegal, a hacker wargames site but also with much more - such as forums and tutorials.

The aim of the site is to help you improve as much as we can and also provide a community with a chance to chat. The site is also up for suggestions for improvement, got an idea? Suggest it and if we like it the site will be updated. Also any submissions like challenges or tutorials are welcomed.

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Hosting issues
Sorry for even more downtime recently. These problems were down to our hosting provider and as a result the site has now been migrated to a new friendlier host.

Needing to do this has made me consider a full rewrite of the site again. A few months down the line we may be looking for new moderators and contributors, but for now if you can report any problems you find throughout the site caused by the migration these can be looked into. Thanks.
Moar downtime..
Hey everyone, the site was being attacked by bots for a while and it wouldn't stay up until we resolved some issues. The new filters added appear to be working for now.

Also, the site has been left without any real updates for quite some while (except for bug fixing here and there) and I know updates were promised in the past. They will come, in time.
Site Downtime
Hi Guys

Sorry for the recent downtime we have been having, this is down to this site actually becoming too popular, which is causing issues with our hosting provider.

We will need to look at condensing code to this site (which has taken years in the making, so this is no easy job) which should hopefully benefit the site in the long run in terms of site speed as well as code efficiency. A redesign of certain site sections may also be needed.

We may be sending out a newsletter soon informing users who we could have lost over the past day or so but for now we need to continue looking as possibilities of reducing the daily load this site causes.

For now at least, the site should stay up.

Online (last 15 mins): DillonShaw

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phe0nix: can you access the site using the Tor browser? As it is, the web site is accessible from the U.S.
Followed, one of the links below., always shows connection refused, can anyone comment why?
Fardinansari h:
How to find password challenge 1 im new
anybody help me in javascript challenge no 7
All by myself don't wanna be all by myself :(
Hello People I am Mr Feesh it is nice to greet you...
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