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About: Score
This is a feature which is simply the score you have from completing challenges. Easy are worth 5 points, Medium 10 and Hard 15.

Challenges Completed:

Basic Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Find the password in the page Easy Completed
#2. Break a JavaScript protected login form Easy Completed
#3. you are given a file called c99.txt, use it to break into a site Medium Completed
#4. Beat the cookie script Medium Completed
#5. Trick the email form into sending you the password Easy Completed
#6. Find secret pages site crawlers can't Easy Completed
#7. Hack a FrontPage Server (FPS) site Hard Completed
#8. Crack a simple App Medium Completed
#9. Break a simple cipher Medium Completed
#10. Bypass a Flash login form Hard Completed
Realistic Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Purchase software for a lot cheaper than intended Medium Completed
#2. Stop those evil egitologists! Medium Not Completed
#3. Show your school administrator how important security is Medium Completed
#4. Show a security company they're not so impressive Hard Completed
#5. Pentest a new server hardware company Medium Completed
Programming Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Write a program to fetch a constantly changing code Medium Completed
Bonus Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Another simple JS login to circumvent Easy Completed
#2. Simply enter the Password into the box! Easy Completed
#3. Browser agent manipulation Medium Completed
#4. Find the password hidden in the page Medium Completed
#5. Find the password hidden in an image Hard Completed
#6. Find the password from a tricky JavaScript form Medium Completed
#7. Retrieve the password from the download Easy Completed
#8. Get the password using common sense Easy Completed
#9. Break a simple custom encryption Medium Completed
#10. You are given a dumped file. Get the password from this using whatever method you find best/quickest Medium Completed
#11. Spoof an email to be from a fake email address Medium Completed
#12. Get the password using your head Easy Not Completed
SQL Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Bypass the login box and log in as the administrator Easy Completed
#2. Bypass the login box with another level of security Hard Not Completed
Encryption Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Break 3 popular encryption methods. Challenge by Glasklar Easy Completed
#2. Break another famous encryption using the key provided. Challenge by Glasklar Easy Completed
#3. A basic cipher with a custom encryption. Challenge by Glasklar Easy Completed
#4. Another basic cipher to decrypt. Challenge by Glasklar Easy Not Completed
#5. You are given another key. You need to use this to break another custom encryption. Challenge by Glasklar Medium Not Completed
#6. You are given a broken encryption. Repair it and get the password. Challenge by xyberz09 Medium Not Completed
Application Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Find out what or where the App is looking for Medium Completed
#2. Just press the button! Medium Completed
#3. Find where the application is looking Medium Completed
#4. Crack a DOS app. Challenge by Hertz Hard Not Completed
User Challenges: Difficulty: Status:
#1. Beat a tricky JavaScript login form. Challenge by Total Easy Completed
#2. Find the password hidden in a paragraph. Challenge by Raduce Easy Completed
#3. Get the password from an image using any method. Challenge by xen Medium Not Completed
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